SEO quick-fix, the DIY style: Part-1 Will start with an anecdote. Few months back we were doing a website for a restaurant owner. We built it on WordPress. After we launched it, we had a call from the client – he sounded very worried: “my website wouldn’t open in Google”. We weren’t sure what he meant by opening “in” Google, so we quickly tried to open the website in a few browsers while he was still on the phone and the site opened fine in all of them. We asked him to explain what exactly he was doing and we were shocked to know that this was how he always opened a website. Continue reading   »
Why “web” then? A curious reader wrote to us today complementing us for our post When to approach a web design company? which she found on Google on page one searching for a similar topic and raised some more serious comments about the typical RoI (return on investment) for an SME (small and medium scale enterprise) of the website it launches. While we will discuss the various tools for calculating the tangible RoI (there will be many benefits which one will struggle to put a value to which should be included too in the calculation – that’s for another day) for your web-investment, here’s a quick ready-reckoner for young businesses to decide if or not “web” is the “way forward” for you. Continue reading   »
Grab yourself a bargain We have teamed up with and here are some offers you can enjoy for a limited time. Do note that they have 24X7 local telephone support too. Strongly recommended. Honestly, do not know of any other hosting companies giving you more generous offers than this! But hurry though - offers available for a limited time only we are told. Continue reading   »
When to approach a web design company? We have worked very closely with SME (small and medium scale enterprises) sector and often they come to us and say I need a website and we want you to do it. Well done, your business needs it for sure, we stamp our confirmation on this without even knowing what your business does. These days having a domain registered for your business is as necessary as getting your business name registered in the company office! Continue reading   »
Hello World! Welcome to the A-Cubed Software blog. The website is finally up and running, almost 11 months after we started working on it. While it’s easy to feel low about the delay and think of it as a collective failure for having delayed it by so long, the facts we took comfort from were: Continue reading   »
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