SEO quick-fix, the DIY style: Part-2

Hoping that the part-1 of this series has made some sense about what SEO is all about, let’s move on to more granularity now.


We will cover the major aspects of SEO under three broad categories: Content. Code. Links. It will be important here to note that all three of these areas are equally important. One can’t just get away with the best of content but poor code or no links!






[We appreciate that this section can cause confusion for someone who is not exposed to HTML coding so you can simply discuss the points with your site’s developer(s). Goes without saying that when we develop your websites these things and more are given due attention for your sites to have a better ranking.]



We hope the above helps you in some ways to understand what SEO is or how it works. As mentioned in our part-1, this blog is intended for the “beginners” in the subject as there are much more complicated pointers in this area and we are more than happy if you want to discuss any of these by calling us.

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