When to approach a web design company?

We have worked very closely with SME (small and medium scale enterprises) sector and often they come to us and say I need a website and we want you to do it.


Well done, your business needs it for sure, we stamp our confirmation on this without even knowing what your business does. These days having a domain registered for your business is as necessary as getting your business name registered in the company office!


What however makes it very difficult for us is your asking us to do it for you end to end.


It’s your business; no one knows better than you do who your customers are, products and services you sell and the competitors you are up against in the market. Just hiring a web designer won’t do justice unless you sit with them, explain these in great detail and let them then work with you on a design and copywrite.


Here’s a quick start guide for all SME business owners when they want a website for their business; typically this is the sort of thing we will take you through anyway when you approach us.


Plan a plan



Take a tech


Choosing the right technology is important and is generally the next thing we will discuss with you. You will hear a lot of jargons in our industry and unfortunately there are creatures that will sell you a 100-Pounds-a-month Ruby on Rails server for a 6 page static website. For usual brochure or small CMS-backed websites hosting is typically only a couple of Pounds per month so be wise to choose what is right for your needs.


From this point on, when necessary contracts are in place and you are happy to proceed with us, our design team starts working on a few prototypes for your website and thereafter get fully engaged with you in its development.

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